Stretching the boundaries of packaging

How is the industry innovating and what positive impact is this having on the world around us?

Mikael Ankerfors takes time out from his schedule to talk about some of our more recent innovations and provide a brief glimpse of what’s to come.

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What: Via a joint venture with Curti we offer a system with a flexible platform for tailor-made containers from renewable resources (FibreForm®).

Benefits: Offer differentiation to brand owners creating uniqueness and adding value to their brand platform.

Green Pouch by BioBag

What: A sustainable solution where the barrier, glue, and label are all made from compostable materials.

Benefits: This stand-up pouch is the first product launched by BioBag, our associate company, comprising paper from BillerudKorsnäs.

Microfibrillated cellulose

What: Microfibrillated cellulose is a new type of strength agent, which can give stronger and lighter products. Additionally, it will open up for new possibilities outside the paper industry.

Benefits: Together with Innventia, we are building a movable demonstration factory for microfibrillated cellulose to enable full-scale paper machine evaluations.

Spice 14

What: Pop-up stores are a new way to package brands. We think our materials have good functionalities and will gain pop-up volumes in the future.

Benefits: We want BillerudKorsnäs to pack a completely digital brand, to make it physically attractive – “Spotif­y on the road”.

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Interactive packaging

What: We are evaluating technologies that make packaging smarter by giving them the ability to communicate with electronic devices like smartphones.

Benefits: This type of smart packaging could be used to communicate the contents of the package, give advice on how to use the product, work as an anti-counterfeit solution, or to identify and track the package through the logistic chain and in retail stores.

Built-in barrier

What: We are developing paper and board materials with a built-in barrier, meaning that the paper/board itself has a barrier function. Today barriers are added to paper and board by lamination of plastics and aluminium. Benefits: Paper or board material with a built-in barrier would enable production of, for example, food packaging without additional lamination of plastics or aluminium. This would lower material and converting costs and make recycling simpler.

Tetra Recart® package by Tetra Pak







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