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Emotional sensations build strong memories. And the more you engage your senses, the stronger the impact. The sense of touch is one of our strongest perceptive experiences. In consumer packaging, a tactile experience makes a powerful impression on a person discovering and enjoying your product. The result? A more genuine experience and a more intimate relationship with your customer.

Create patterns like never before.

At BillerudKorsnäs we get this. That is why we have developed the world’s first 3D cold- formable paper FibreForm. FibreForm enables you to create stunning visual and tactile 3D effects in your packaging – up to 10 times the depth and detail of traditional papers. With embossing like this, made on a material that is natural, renewable and sustainable, not only do you open the door for broad and compelling innovation, you deliver a tactile and emotional experience for your customer.

It’s all about making an impression.

FibreForm Board is a revolutionary innovation from BillerudKorsnäs. The 3D effects are created in your existing manufacturing equipment – no heat or steam needed. Fibreform Board will run in typical carton operations for printing, die-cutting, folding and gluing. The embossing is created through the use of a customized engraved die, designed to the mechanical specifications of FibreForm, and delivered into the FibreForm Board in the same stroke as die-cutting. As a demonstration of this technology, BillerudKorsnäs teamed up with Marbach and Heidelberg. Together, they put 3D forming to the test, resulting in strikingly attractive board prints – certain to make a deep impression and catch your customer’s eye.

“It’s a unique material. The imagery literally pops right out at you. The sheer esthetics of the packaging allow the embossing to stand out, no matter what is printed on it.”

Fernando Pires, COO, Marbach

“Fibreform was easy to run – both on press and die-cutter. It adds a whole new dimension to the finished piece and stands out in both commercial and folding carton applications – communicating a premium brand image.”

Joerg W. Daehnhardt, VP Postpress, Heidelberg USA, Inc.







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