A greener fibre-based packaging future for the beverage industry

Throughout human history we have had a constant need to be able to package and transport liquid. In the modern era the traditional glass bottle has increasingly come to be replaced by plastic and aluminium packaging. As an innovative company in the fibre-based packaging industry BillerudKorsnäs has decided to seriously challenge conventional packaging and thus contribute to a sustainable future. A crucial part of this work is to figure out how we can use fibre-based material to replace less sustainable materials solutions. That’s why we have decided to take on the challenge of developing a fiber-based bottle for carbonated beverages.

New packaging for a growing market

As the global economy has improved, rapidly growing markets such as Asia, South America and the Middle East have shown an increasing interest in, for example, milk packaged in liquid packaging board. Liquid packaging board is neutral in taste and smell and transfers neither smell nor taste to its contents. Furthermore the board is light and easy to transport. Also its long durability and better product safety in combination with greater environmental awareness among consumers has radically increased demand in new markets.

The wine test – sensitive liquids

Another beverage that is increasingly packaged in fibre-based packaging is wine. Today bag-in-box wine is just as appreciated by wine purists and wine producers as it is by consumers. Chile, Argentina, and China are responsible for a large portion of the growing market for bag-in-box, but even traditional markets such as France have embraced the practical packaging.

But wine is a sensitive product and exporting wine in paperboard demands a great deal from the packaging. This is why BillerudKorsnäs started to work at an early stage with one of the world’s biggest wine producers to create an optimal packaging solution. By using the very best wood fibre to reinforce the box construction, we were able to create packaging that met all conceivable requirements for products that spend long periods in transit in various sorts of climate.

A challenge for a sustainable tomorrow

Looking into the future, how can we package our beverages without unnecessary waste while maintaining taste, smell, and character? This remains to be seen, but we are sure that fibre-based packaging is the future for the beverage industry. That’s why we, on top of the mentioned examples, have decided to take on the challenge of developing a fiber-based bottle for carbonated beverages.







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